What's New

First I would like to thank BeanTowne in Hampstead, NH for having my work on their walls. I am very happy and excited to be a part of such a close family! 

On another note, I have two new pieces available. The Barred Owls can be seen in my woodcut section of this website, and the Hummingbird can be viewed in my Linoleum section. both prints were a bit of a challenge, but I enjoyed working on them a lot. 

Also, in my bio there is a link to my Instagram page which has more photos and more news for everyone.

Right now I am working on a small Star Wars themed project, and soon (after a brief break) I will be moving on to the next commission. Thank you everyone for having interest in my art, and thank you to everyone who supports local art. It means the world to me!

Working on the Owls

Working on the Owls